Fun Tricks Your COOL Dog should Master

Your dog already knows how to sit, stay, play dead and roll over. Now what? There are many little-known tricks you can train your pooch to do. You’re good to go if he follows commands. From dancing and skateboarding to sorting recyclables, discover 7 amazing feats your dog can try out. We were lucky enough to get our sponsors at San Diego Intelligent K9 Training to share their wisdom on dog training. You can have a look at their Facebook training photos to see what they get up to.

Pick Up Laundry

Train him to drop an item in a container. Give him something he likes, like a toy, then place a container beneath his mouth and issue the drop command. Once he drops the toy in the container, give him a treat. As Fido masters the trick, use clothes instead of the toys.

Separate Recycling

Teach your dog to retrieve and dispose of empty containers. Start with plastic bottles because dogs don’t like the way aluminum cans feel. Like picking up laundry, train your pet to drop bottles in a recycling bin. Switch to cans once he’s mastered that.


Get your dog to hop on a plank and ride it a little. But that’s dangerous if he has never been on a skateboard. Put the board on the floor with beanbags or sandbags keeping the wheels still. The more he interacts with the board, the better. Now put the board on a floor with less traction and a small descending slope. When he steps on the board, place a treat in front of his nose and then move back so he propels forward, pushing the board with his hind legs.

Play Piano

Put a Frisbee or a plastic lid on the floor. Every time your pup touches it, give him a tasty treat. Reduce the size of the target bit-by-bit as the dog learns that he gets a treat if he paws the disc. Once the target is small enough, place it on the piano’s keys and issue a command. Remove the disc after he masters that.

Boogie Down

Place a treat on his nose and raise it while you say, “Up, up!” until he stands on his hind legs. Hold the treat up longer and longer to build up how long he can stand. When he masters that, walk backwards as he follows you, then forward so he backs up. This trick may send him mixed signals if he’s trained not to jump.

Sing Along

Give him a treat whenever he barks, howls or makes a sound you want him to repeat. Follow up the treat with a command. For instance, when he sneezes, give him a biscuit and say, “Sneeze”. Repeat that until he does a real sneeze when you issue the command.

Play Basketball

Put a basketball on the ground and get him used to it. Every time your dog touches or pushes the ball with his snout, give him a treat. When he’s familiar with that, throw the ball up so it lands near him. Treat him when he goes to get it. Then bounce the ball off his nose, and when he’s used to that, get him to bump the basketball near a hoop till he makes a basket.